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Non Profits

Old wine in a new bottle

"Content marketing is a new term for an old practice that is being turbocharged by digital technologies"
- David Pembroke, CEO, ContentGroup

Nonprofits have been using content marketing for a long time. Annual reports, dedicated magazines, newsletters, blog posts, articles, success stories, whitepapers, webcasts, podcasts, video, in-person events, ebooks, research reports... all these fall under the head of content marketing.

If you've used any of the above, as you're almost certain to have, you're already using content marketing.

Are you getting the most out of your content?

How non-profits are getting the most out of their content

Your content strategy must take into account the demographics of the people who will become your participants, supporters and volunteers.Some of them (the older set) are uncomfortable with new media such as social networks, while others (the younger ones) prefer to use Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook to communicate.

The growth of these new channels influences how you deliver your message.

What you say - your content - is affected both by the diversity of your constituents as well as by the growth in the media channels available to you, not least because you are no longer in sole control of your message. A lot of content is user-generated. reports on 5 non-profits that demonstrate stellar use of content marketing.*1 By using multiple channels, by leveraging user-generated content, by empowering staff to be more creative, organizations like March of Dimes and Best Friends Animal Socienty created success stories.

According to Penelope Burk of Cygnus Donor Research, 83% of donors do some research online before making a giving decision*2. This is a clear opportunity for non-profits, because you have some degree of control over the content they will see, such as on your website, blogs, offline publications and social media.

One statistic that sets alarm bells ringing is that of all first time donors only 35 to 40% give a second time - donor attrition rates are rising*3. Nonprofits are failing to engage their communities in relevant and meaningful ways that would keep them interested in the cause. Content marketing has a huge role to play in remedying this.

Outsource your content creation

Here is how Content HQ can help nonprofits with content marketing: We create:

  • White papers
  • Case Studies
  • Articles
  • Social Media posts
  • blog posts
  • newsletters (online/print)
  • presentations (online/offline)
  • infographics
  • research reports
  • mobile content
  • mobile apps
  • eBooks/print books
  • Magazines (digital/print)
  • podcast scripts
  • video scripts
  • Syndicated content
  • materials for in-person/virtual events
  • Annual Reports
  • Game Creation
  • Websites/Blogs

We are experts in writing, editing, translation. We can also help with identifiying publishers to distribute your content.Get in touch with us and give your content strategy a major fillip.

How We Can Help Your Company?

What? The Value Our Scope of Work

Content strategy, audit and planning

Complete audit of existing content inventory across website, social, collateral - ensuring its consistent, high quality and compliant. Tick Icon Order Now
Content Manual

Content Manual

Company-level content guide, style sheet, glossary across sales & marketing channels to ensure consistency. Tick Icon Order Now

Content Extranet

We will set up a repository (digital hub) for content creation, assets, work-flow, roles-wise, and partners with calendar, alerts & milestones for use across departments, agencies, managers.

Say goodbye to emailing, attachments, versions and time wasters.

Installation, customization, integration, testing & training at no extra charge. Order Now

Whitepapers: The topic, goal, length, sections, tone will be client’s preference across the below categories

Evaluator’s guide: to explain the features and benefits. Usually a backgrounder.

Executive briefing: Short, high-level summary for C-Level executive. Usually a problem or solution flavor.

Overview: An overview, or to redefine a market niche favorable to a certain vendor.

Position paper: to argue for a certain approach to solving a problem, like an opinion piece.

Briefing: high-level features for journalists and analysts at launch.

Special report: Any type of hybrid white paper.

Persuasive essays that use facts and logic to promote a product or service. Used by 2 out of 3 B2B firms. Each whitepaper will have up to 2,000 words.

Work includes research, writing, editing, email/phone interviews with the, proof-reading & expert review.

Order Now

Infographics & Charts

Visual presentations, about a topic to grab viewers' attention in style in print, mobile and web. Used by more than half of B2B companies to prove a point with data. We will create the script, design – including icons, images, illustrations. Order Now
Case Study

Case Studies

The strongest marketing evidence comes from how the company is helping customers in the real world.Also, known as success or customer stories, they are used by 3 out of 4 B2B companies. Either vertical, role based (marketing, IT, HR), need and challenge-based mapped against client’s products or service. Order Now

Newsletters & Corporate Magazine

Regular informative emails or magazines (print) with company updates, to stay in touch with prospects, partners, employees and clients. Used by 4 out of 5 B2B companies. Design of newsletter, HTML, text & mobile version for any device, or email client with tracking and analytics.

We will create, translate the & provide the ‘ready to send’ format.

Order Now
Data Sheets

Data sheets

Technical details for niche audience. Content & Design Order Now

Presentations (PPT/Web-based) decks

3 out of 4 B2B firms use professionally created decks that are consistent with online, mobile, desktop versions. Content & Design Order Now

User Guides

Visual, well-written guides with cheat sheets, tips, how-tos, advice, explaining the product/service. Tick Icon Order Now

Videos & Animation

Ideal for training, help desk, users, sales, explainer, demos, and marketing a product or service for the website, social media, presentations, events to grab the audience's attention. Script, design, translation and voice over in any language, subtitles with ready to use web & mobile friendly videos. Order Now


Virtual lecture or training presented on the Internet. The session includes PowerPoint presentation, handouts, video, Q&A. Tick Icon Order Now

Social Media Optimization

Stream of fresh blog and social content with daily tweets, news, updates, optimized for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Content creation and curation, scheduling, distribution, translation & tracking. Order Now

Flyers/Brochures/Special Guides

Marketing collateral Content, design & translation Order Now

Kits (Press, Sales, Customer & Partner)

The branded kit will consist of a folder with card holder and slots for the various brochures, USB etc with vertical specific brochure and case study. Product demo-scripting, video recording, voice over - design, animation, presentation. Order Now

RFP (Proposals, tenders)

Ready to use pre-defined templates with all key content to create, structure, email proposals to speed up sales. Tick Icon Order Now

Articles (Thought Leadership):

Ghost writing guest columns on behalf of client for blogs, newspapers, magazines. Tick Icon Order Now
Direct Mailer

Direct Mailers

For print and email – precise and persuasive. Tick Icon Order Now

Executive Speeches

For events, conferences and meetings. Tick Icon Order Now

Custom Research Reports

To collate data, backed by primary and, secondary research with expert validation. Tick Icon Order Now

Multi-lingual SEO

Complete audit, optimizing the site with meta-tags, keywords, back-links, and increasing traffic for lead generation. Tick Icon Order Now

Translation & Localization:

By providing localized content in the customer's native language make a bigger, wider impact. We can translate, proof-read, edit into/from any major language in a few hours. Guaranteed quality and response. Order Now

(Product, Technical, Sales, HR)

Improve, standardize and edit existing or create new manuals. Tick Icon Order Now
Content Monitoring

Social & Media Content Monitoring:

-12 months of monitoring (print, web, social) from our proprietary database of 2 million news sources, across 75 languages from 100 countries with real-time keyword, brand, competitor tracking, coverage and trends.

-The content can be circulated via website, blog, social media and, newsletters for SEO.

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