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More than 218,000 publishers out there to need to buy and sell content efficiently in a demanding market. Its time for a game changing content syndication platform.


Content Syndication Services is a business model in which content is re-used and monetized. Online syndication is a web based supply chain allowing content (text, images, videos, and other media) to be uploaded, bought, and reused by content buyers and sellers.

While a few large publishers create an enormous amount of content that can be syndicated, the process of acquiring or monetizing (current and archival) content remains cumbersome, archaic for most. In today’s competitive market for eyeballs and readership, companies and publishers are looking for more efficient means of acquiring diverse content. Herein lies Content Syndicate’s opportunity: In reselling of content developed by 3rd party publishers all over the world. The demand for syndication emerges from small to medium sized publishers who find the development of standalone content expensive to set up, develop, maintain, manage and sell. Publishers prefer focusing on their core competencies (printing, distribution, selling advertising and marketing) rather than investing to develop their own network for content creation.

Content Syndication Services

Content Syndicate is creating an opportunity in the publishing industry to provide diverse content that can be reused by multiple publications. Romieke, a media intelligence provider, estimates that there are 218,000+ publishers of magazines, newspapers, trade journals, online portals, news wires and contract publishers worldwide. Of these, more than 4,000 publishers are present in the Middle East alone with huge traction in emerging markets such as Middle East, India, and China.

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