What Do We Do?
Lost for words? Give us a cue, and we’ll create exclusive, original or licensed content. At scale, on demand, any kind.
No hables ingles? Pas de soucis. We localize content into 300 languages. By real humans. Talk to customers in their language.
We make content look its Sunday best with images, design, video, interactivity for print, web and mobile.
We optimize, market, amplify and monetize content for search, social, local and mobile so it reaches the right people at the right time.
Industries We Serve
Health Care
IT & Telecom
Non Profits
Startups / SMEs
Travel & Hospitality
Why Content HQ?
Years In Business
Clients in 24 Countries
Million Words created, Localized, Licensed
Formats - text, visual, audio and video
What Our Clients Say?
Simon Littmoden
Business Development Manager, Providence Life
“We’re really happy with what you’ve done in such a short time. Our CEO loves it as well. Great work! Thanks again.”
Finance Manager, 3E
“Really impressive, glad to be associated with your services. We definitely look forward to working with you in future and refer your company. ”
Abdulla Mohammed Alsuwaidi
Head of Investments Funds, Securities & Commodities Authority, UAE
“Thank you for the outstanding work given the circumstances. It was a challenge, but you delivered as promised. We could not be more appreciative. Great job!”
Andreas Herrmann
Carl Zeiss MENA, Marketing Manager
“Thank you for the fast work. Our customers are very happy with it.”
Sahem Muheisen
Corporate Strategy & Marketing, TECOM Group
“It was a pleasure working with you guys. Thank you for the hard work put in.”
Shanty Row
Creative Director, IKON
“Thanks for your prompt support on this copywriting project. We look forward to working closely with Content HQ on more.”
Syed Akram Husain
Marketing & Communications Manager, AECL.
“Wow! This is extremely helpful. It’s perfect and excellent. We thank you for the wonderful work and input. You added real value.”
Khalid Fahad Alsudairy
SME Marketing Specialist, Saudi Telecom (STC)
“Thanks for the great effort – this is definitely useful for the sales team when pitching our product bundles to clients.”
Rama Al Sayegh,
Regional Marketing Manager, Samsung MENA
Overall, we are very happy with the content and design. The key messages and takeaways are conveyed and easily comprehended.
Kavita Chakravartty
Senior Marketing Manager, Choithrams Group
"That's a quick turnaround! Great work."
Oasha Khalfan Almarri
Business Analyst, IT – Smart Services Sector, GDRFA (UAE Immigration)
“Perfect work! Thank you so much.”
Ariana Shahbazi
Marketing Director, Cazar
“You are the best! Thank you.”
Ronald Sequeira & Rajesh Chandrasekhar
Partners, 9Northstar
“We like the design & layout – brilliant and awesome. Eclectic yet classy. We were envisioning something similar. You got it right!”
Tatiana Rahal
Senior Analyst, Strategy& (PWC)
“Thank you again for all of your help!”
Abdulla Alsuwaidi
General Manager, Bouguessa Fashion
“I want to thank you for helping us design and develop our website. We had great support and you were extremely vital to our launch.”
Reuven Proença
Account Director, Weber Shandwick MENA
“Great job on the English & French content projects.”
Angela Maglieri, Executive Director, Dubai Economic Department, Corporate Communications
“Thanks for turning around the English, Spanish and Portuguese content so quickly. We look forward to working on long-term basis.”
Jakki Jarvis, Marketing & PR Manager, EMEA Shred-it
“Great job on the project and completing it in good time.”
Hesham Ghourab, Financial Analyst, Abdullatif Alissa Group, IBDD, Riyadh
“Thank you for the great job done and patience with our feedback.”
Hala Elhaj, Analyst, Ernst & Young, UAE
“I want to congratulate you on the great job. Everyone loves the magazine content! We received very positive reviews.”
Sara Ahmed, Business Planning & Re-Engineering, Emirates Islamic Bank
“Well done! Thanks for the support and efficient work.”
Bharati Suresh, Marketing Manager, EMITAC Group
Great work by your team! The work done is really great. Thanks for all your cooperation and service.”
Reem Garabedian, Marketing Department, TOTAL Middle East
“I would like to thank Content Syndicate for the great content, cooperation and service.”
Xenia Shepilova, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Hamriyah Free Zone
“Thank you for the great job!”
Sudharsan Natesan, Marketing & Channels Manager, 3i Infotech .
“Content Syndicate has done a fantastic job! The content is crisp, precise and to the point.”
Daisy Carvalho, Marketing Manager, Goodyear Middle East
“Thank you Content HQ! The content and design looks good.”
Hala Azzam, Communications Coordinator, Serco Middle East.
“Brilliant job! Many thanks!”
Didi Okoli, Journalist, London, UK.
“I am truly inspired by what you do and commend your innovative approach and for reviving my dying passion for writing.”
Dina Saraya, Brand Supervisor (Tameer), Brand Lounge/Trout & Partners
“We would like to thank you for the professional work. Thank you so much for all your efforts and service.”
Leandra Meintjes, Assistant Account Manager, Press Office, Al Tayer Group
“Thank you so much! It’s a real pleasure working with your company.”
Roshan Thimmiah, Vice President, Pioneer Wealth Management
“We are impressed with the project…good work!”
Saif Ahmed, Project & Marketing Manager, Vanguard Holding
“Thank you very much! We really liked Content HQ’s work.”
Ashok J Galgotia, CEO, Triveni Group.
Content Syndicate has a great team that handled our project well. Well done on the good job!”
Malak Abubakr, Senior Consultant, Sommar Consultants.
“Great Content Syndicate! Now that’s what I call team work with a client.”
James Padkin, Director, Client Services, Cazar
“Thank you very much for the support – it is appreciated.”
Lee Slimming, Recruitment Marketing Specialist, Cazar
“Excellent work! Thank you.”
Pej Danaee, Managing Director, BVIG Capital
“Thanks for all your good work and understanding our project needs well.”
Bhavna Bahri, Design Coordinator, Idea Spice
“Whoa! That was very swift service! Thank you so much for the Arabic content!”
Alicia Buller, Editor, First Class Magazine, ITP
“The content was fabulous – just what we wanted! Extremely well written and detailed. Nice to know that we can now call on someone at a short notice for that quality of copy.”
Ghada Kunash, GM, Vindemia – Art, Collectables & Antiques
I would like to thank Content HQ for the attitude and approach in which you addressed our client relationship. We are glad to at last meet someone who can handle our work passionately and professionally.”
Magie Regis, GM, Fourth Dimension, Integrated Marketing Consultancy
“Congratulations on doing a great job in our first project together. I liked the language, style, tone and the overall work!”
Vanit Sethi, Journalist
“I was told by a colleague about your unique content services firm. Logged on to your website and was enthused about the wide-ranging services you provide to high-profile clients throughout the world. I loved the idea that I could be a part of your network and discover the joy of working on one’s own terms and conditions.”
Asma Al-Sharif, Project Manager, Dubai World Trade Centre
“I would like to thank you for your support and cooperation. Keep up the good work.”
Maureen Mecozzi , Editor, Singapore, Blue Pencil Media.
“I am delighted to be able to join Content HQ and take part in its evolution. A sound concept mounted on a great-looking, easy-to-use portal. A winner!”
Sherif Shafie, PR Manager, Sama, Dubai.
“I am starting to see the ‘power of words’ from your credentials.”
S Anjani Kumar, Capital 18, New Delhi.
“A very interesting proposition and the ‘Words on demand’ platform is quite unique.”
Suzette Heydenreich, Project Manager, Experton Group
“Good job guys!”
Peter Einstein, Einstein Media Capital Partners
“Content HQ is in a very interesting business.”
Lela Csaky, Event Coordinator, Art Dubai
“Its fab content! Thank you! Love your work.”
Ross Hutchings, Marketing Co-Ordinator, Junction Ltd, London
“Thank you for the swift response.”
Anil Bhoyrul, Group Editor, ITP Executive Publishing
“Great stuff, really well put together. Very professionally done.”
Rachael Turk, Editor, Inside Film, NSW, Australia
“This was the first time I contacted Content Syndicate. Great to know the system works! ”
Nyree Barrett, Media Specialist, Wellington, New Zealand
“Very cool website!”
Melina Mitri, Assistant Account Manager, Press Office, Al Tayer Group
“Thanks for the content – it’s great! ”
Adnan Sadiq Hussain, Marketing Director, Eurobase Trading
“We are content (pun intended) with your work! Once again, thanks for all your support.”
Amin Abu Omar, Account Director, Adworx
“Did you guys actually proof-read, edit and make all the changes in just 30 minutes? I have never seen service like this. Thank you!”
James Bennett, Editor, Arabian Business magazine
“Many thanks for your rapid response and delivery. Great stuff!”
Subramanian Sankaran, CEO, Simpact
“That is indeed very impressive output given the short notice. Your quick response is appreciated. Thanks a ton! ”
Markus Viehauser, Creative Director, Salzburg, Austria
“The site looks great and really simple to use. I just signed up!"
Minal Arora, CEO, Endius
“Your website is amazing. There are very few sites I come across, which are rich in content, easy to use and and at the same time professional looking. ”
Marko Kovac, Content Consultant/PR Director, Zagreb, Croatia
“I have just gone to your website and it looks pretty good. Well done guys!”
Arran Jankowski, Consultant/Photographer, London, UK
“Great site. Obviously there’s competition out there, but I really think it’s well set out, slick and clean.”
Shyama Perera, Journalist, London, UK
“I am filled with wonder: what a brilliant idea, and an accomplishment to get it from the drawing board to a successful business. What you’re doing is really interesting and bound to be a big hit.”
Ivor Plecas, Writer, Hückeswagen, Germany
“I took the time to check out your site – neat is what I can say. Nice concept all in all.”
Emma Rymer, Account Manager, Press Office (Bvlgari, Boucheron, Asperey), Al Tayer Group
“A great job on the first project. You’ll be getting a lot more jobs from us in future!”
Indi Dhillon, Managing Director, Emirates Business Information Center
“The first batch of content delivered caught our interest immediately…it fell in line with what we had in mind.”
Elisabeth Brehl, Manager, International Hospitality Check
“Very good and professional work – well done! Briefing and communication was a pleasure. There was someone sitting across who actually understood our requirements well. Very quick work, great words and content. We received very good feedback from our customers on the content.”
Joyce Lau, Marketing Manager, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)
“We enjoyed working with you and your team, and are looking forward to more opportunities in the near future”.
Prasanna Yalamanchili, CEO, i3, Virginia, Wa. USA
“I have visited all your reference sites. Very impressive.”
Ruslan Lakhiyalov, General Manager, Global USA Trust
“We have started work on our new website. After our previous experience with you, we’d love Content HQ to take this job up as well.“
A.M. Akmaluddin, Director, Auric Group
“I really love the stuff you’ve done for us. We now have a brand identity on par with the other big fish. Next year, we’re going to target the Arabian Travel Market in a big way, and we’re definitely going with Content HQ to help us make an impact.”
Sarosh Sheriff, Creative Director, Turning Heads Advertising
“Your copywriting team has been a boon for us. Quick, imaginative and capable of thinking on their feet. On our last two major agency pitches, I don’t know what I would have done without you guys.”
Nadia Ivanova, Managing Director, C.C.C.P. Events
“We reviewed all the content you delivered. It was great! Now I'm beginning to wonder if (our) clients will start to expect much more than what they’d originally bargained for from us!”
Clive Melini Wilfred, CEO, CeeCee Holdings
“We loved the content you gave us for our new corporate website.”
Jagan Mohan, CEO, Green Scene
“Nice job and cheers to your entire team! Your website is simple and effective with a lot of clarity.”
Faysal Itani, Art Director, Haroun Multimedia
“Thanks for the quick response! I have shared the text with my client. Pretty good content!”
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