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Confessions of a copywriting firm

Words have a profound power. The right word, said in the right manner, can work wonders. It can inform, entice, involve... it can inspire. Wars have been started based on books. Countries have modeled ideologies based on manifestos. Was it Groucho or Karl? We digress. Most importantly, it will bring a quantum leap to your business’ bottom line. You don’t need huge budgets, strategy meetings lasting the better part of a year - all you need is a talented, imaginative and professional content marketing agency by your side. Luckily for you, this is where CHQ comes in. Put simply, we have a way with words. From hard-hitting editorial, descriptive product-based copy and crisp, corporate speeches to evocative collateral - we do it with a fair amount of style.
The business of copywriting
Copywriting is the craft of persuasion through words to influence the reader (or customer) by offering compelling reasons and/or evoking powerful emotions. While anyone can write, only a trained copywriter can do so with the persuasion needed to influence opinion.</p> <p>Enter CHQ. We possess the requisite flair to take your brief to a higher level and use science of language, UX, marketing and optimisation. This wealth of experience has helped us in building brands and driving sales. In short, if copywriting is salesmanship - then we at CHQ are salesmen.</p> <p>Get a no-obligations quote on your project right now!
Can we write?
Can we write?
In a word, yes. We’re passionate about language and making sure it’s used well. Headquartered in Dubai, CHQ brings a wealth of agency experience (and no baggage) with them. Accessible and flexible, we’re qualified in crafting copy that’s articulate, credible, compelling and persuasive.</p> <p>In this, we’re complemented by 3,000 professional English copywriters, editors and translators. Across a spectrum of media, we deliver a finely worded product. - on time, time after time. Get a no-obligations quote now!


We can. Whether you’re a multinational or a small business with big dreams, we can tailor our modus operandi to suit your brief. Here are some facets of CHQ, which should help you make your mind up about us:

Professionalism: No false promises. What we offer, we deliver. Within budgets, within deadlines.

Friendliness: Zero egos. The personal touch and a friendly ear, something you won’t receive from the large agencies.

Promptness: Our large, scalable resource base ensures fast turn-around for your job.

Flexibility: Not so large that we’ll forget about that urgent deadline. Not so small that we can’t fulfil your requirements.

Availability: 24/7, 365 days a year. Across cities and time zones.

Versatility: Our services span across 200 languages – from Arabic to Zulu.

It’s these characteristics, which have helped us evolve into a lean, mean copywriting firm with a large roster of clients.

Come see what the fuss is all about. Get a no-obligations quote now!


CHQ can tackle any writing project. Instead of a ‘one-writer-for-all’ approach, we are adamant that each assignment gets picked up by a copywriter who is an expert in that field. Net result? Customised copywriting of the highest order:

Corporate Copywriting
Crisp and intelligent. Our writing spans powerful company credos, influential business profiles, succinctly crafted written identities, and more.
Web Copywriting
Search, social, mobile optimised copy that draws traffic without discarding the fundamentals of good writing.
Above-the-Line (ATL)
Provocative, witty headlines and engaging body copy for ad campaigns.
Below-the-Line (BTL)
Memorable words that stay true to the medium they’re appearing in.
Free of fluff. Packed with facts. Articles and PR initiatives that tell the whole story, make a point, and leave the reader intrigued for more.
Radio, video & TV scripts that sing and dance. Well complemented by storyboards, elegant V/Os, that show and tell, crackle, resonate and leap off the screen.
Direct marketing campaigns, newsletters, mailers, flyers, emailers to present your business or idea to the world.

We’re capable of delivering content across platforms, timezones, formats, media and languages. Get a no-obligations quote now!

Sherif Shafie, PR Manager, Dubai, Sama
I’m starting to see the ‘power of words’ as promised in your credentials.
Anil Bhoyrul, Group Editor, ITP Executive Publishing.
Great stuff, really well put together. Very professionally done.
Nadia Ivanova, Managing Director, C.C.C.P. Events.
Sometimes we get something we don’t expect and get pleasantly surprised. That’s always a nice feeling. In my experience, some of the biggest global agencies we worked with previously delivered us 'big turkeys'. Is it because they become complacent and don’t try hard? With smaller companies, those who want to prove themselves, you’ll probably get one of their top guys doing it for you, unlike the “big fish”. Our story with Content HQ started on a “let’s give them a chance and see” note. We tried someone new and got the best possible result – a copy that was worthy of the project it was written about. One of a kind, the best in its category, the epitome. Now, you can read this and build certain expectations, but again, I would not suggest that. Try them and see what you get…
Amin Abu Omar, Adworx Advertising & Communication Network.
Did Content Syndicate actually proof, edit and make all the changes in just 30 minutes? I have never seen customer service like this. Thank you!
Clive Melini Wilfred, CEO, CeeCee Holdings.
We loved the content you gave us for our new corporate website.
Emma Rymer, Account Manager, Press Office - Al Tayer Group LLC.
A great job on the first project. You'll be getting a lot more jobs from us in the future!
Indi Dhillon, Managing Director, Emirates Business Information Services.
The first batch of content delivered caught our interest immediately... it fell in line with what we had in mind. We eagerly await the second batch.
Elisabeth Brehl, Manager, International Hospitality Check.
Very good and professional work – well done! Briefing and communication was a pleasure. There was someone sitting across who understood our requirements well. Very quick work, great words and content. We received very good feedback from customers on the content.
Joyce Lau, Marketing Manager – Exhibitions, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).
We enjoyed working with your team and look forward to more opportunities in the future.
Ruslan Lakhiyalov, General Manager, Global USA Trust.
We've started work on our new corporate web-site. After our previous experience with you, we want CHQ to take this job up as well.
A.M. Akmaluddin, Director, Auric Group.
I really love the stuff you've done for us. We now have a brand identity on par with the other big fish. Next year, we're going to target the Arabian Travel Market in a big way, and we're definitely going with Content Syndicate to help us make an impact.
Sarosh Sheriff, Creative Director, Turning Heads Advertising.
Your copywriting team has been a boon for us. Quick, imaginative and capable of thinking on their feet. On our last two major agency pitches, I don't know what I would have done without you guys.
What makes us write?
Caffeine, Protein, Bob Dylan, Dylan Thomas, Pacifists, Poetry, Tomorrow Morning, High-Rises, Sunsets, Black & White, Vinyl, Virtual Tourism, Viennese Waltz, Paper Planes, Neon Billboards, Old World Calligraphy, Cartoons, Silly Cat Videos.
Design Capabilities
Design Capabilities
We provide support for intelligent, imaginative designs for infographics, whitepapers, flyers, landing pages, and high-quality production through our design affiliates and partners.
Get all your queries confirmed via phone, email, chat, video conferencing and in-person.
Value Added Services
Value Added Services
Enjoy free consultation, client servicing, and revisions on your project. You will also have a Content Manager for project coordination, advice and follow-ups.
Our content platform and vast army of ‘wordheads’ means that CHQ can accommodate even thousands of content projects at a time. So, throw whatever work you need our way, we can handle it!
Collaboration Platform
Collaboration Platform
Our powerful web-based project management system gives in-built version control, work-flow, revisions, file repository and time-tracking, making it easy to oversee projects regardless of your location or complexity.
Writing with agencies
If you’re a design, branding, digital, PR, social, search, marketing or ad agency, then CHQ would love to strike up a partnership. Our exceptional pool of writing talent will offload your pain, while you focus on more important things. We have a wealth of agency experience, and eclectic portfolio to show for it.</p> <p>From extensive website content, corporate profiles, SEO copy, e-newsletters and ATL campaigns, we handle it all. We've worked with hundred sof names like du, Al Tayer, DWTC, Jafza, DIFC and hundreds more.</p> <p>So if you'd like to pursue this, get in touch.
Want us to write for you?
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