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Content Syndicate Security Systems

Let’s face it. Internet transactions have always had that ‘what if’ factor attached to them. “What if something goes wrong?”, “What if someone manages to gain access to my credit card details?”, “What if it’s not as safe as they’re making it out to be?” Most of us have atleast that 3% of discomfort when buying or selling online. To allay all your fears, Content Syndicate has a multi-tiered security strategy in place for buyers and sellers. As safe as anything else out there on the web today, the CS Security Quadron is a full-proof defense mechanism for you.

Identity Assurance: Your username / password are protected strongly, with a 256-bit encryption process which ensures that your identity remains safeguarded at all times.

Personal user Information: All your data and personal information is stored on a secure server behind firewalls. Safe out of reach from assailants, viruses and other unwanted miscreants.

Secure Payment Gateway: Make those online payments safe in the knowledge that you’re backed up by one of the comprehensive payment protection systems on the web. Our payment gateway is VeriSign Secure – backed by the same secure online payment mechanism endorsed by worldwide financial giants like Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Hacker Protection: The entire CS site is AlertSite safe, meaning the website can never be broken into or tampered with. Secure site certificate

Content Security Measures: Any content you upload onto the site is copy/paste-protected. All images uploaded onto CS are digitally watermarked and low-resolution, only when a buyer confirms payment will he/she receive a hi-res version. Also, all articles on the site get visually disabled after a certain period of time, making it impossible for anyone to sit and copy them out either. Thus ensuring that your work never gets ripped off or stolen.

Anti-Privacy: The CS website is a strict advocate of anti-piracy, with stringent review measures in place for purging pirated material from the site.

Virus Protection: Every piece of content and information uploaded onto and disseminated from the site undergoes a thorough check with Scan Alert, one of the most advanced virus preventive mechanisms on the market.

All of which goes into making Content Syndicate one of the safest websites to do business transactions in!

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