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Content strategy, audit and planning

360 degrees audit of inventory across digital, social, search, collateral – ensuring its consistent, high quality and optimizing it for results. Tick Icon Order Now

Translation :

Simply localizing the content and speaking in the customer’s language conversion rates & traffic can increase by up to 70%!    Translate, proof-read, revise, edit into/from any  language in hours. Guaranteed quality. Order Now
Content Manual

Content Manual

Company-level content guide, style sheet, glossary across channels to ensure consistency. Tick Icon Order Now

Content Extranet

We will set up a repository (digital hub) for content creation, assets, work-flow, roles with project management, alerts & milestones for use across departments, agencies integrated with your CMS/intranet.

Say goodbye to emailing, attachments, versions and time wasters.

Installation, customization, integration & training. Order Now

Five Types of Whitepapers

Evaluator Guide: To explain features and benefits. Usually a backgrounder.

Executive briefing: High-level summary for C-Level manager. Usually a problem or solution flavor.

Overview: To redefine a market niche favorable to a certain vendor.

Position Paper: To argue for an approach to solving a problem, like an opinion piece.

Briefing: high-level features for journalists, investors and analysts.

Special Report: Any type of hybrid white paper.

Persuasive marketing documents that use facts, research and logic to influence a product or service. Each whitepaper will have up to 2,500 words.

Research, writing, editing, email/phone interviews, proof-reading & expert review.

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Visual presentations to grab the viewers’ attention in style in print, mobile and web. Used by more than half of B2B companies to prove a point with data. Script, design – including icons, images & illustrations. Order Now
Case Study

Case Studies

The strongest marketing evidence comes from how the company is helping customers in the real world.Also, known as success or customer stories. Vertical, or role based (marketing, IT, HR), or challenge-based mapped against client’s products or service. Order Now

Newsletters & Corporate Magazine

Regular emails or magazines (print) with company updates, to stay in touch with prospects, partners, employees and clients. Design, HTML, text & mobile version for any device or email client with tracking and analytics.

We will create, translate & provide the ‘ready to send or use’ format.

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Data Sheets

Data sheets

Technical details for niche audience. Content & Design Order Now


3 out of 4 B2B firms use professional decks that are consistent with online, mobile, desktop for meetings, sales pitch, conferences, fund raising and more. Content & Design in PPT Order Now

User Guides

Visual, well-written guides with cheat sheets, tips, how-tos, advice, explaining the product/service. Tick Icon Order Now

Videos & Animation

Great for training, onboarding, sales, explaining concepts, demos, and marketing for use online, social media, embed on YouTube, emails, presentations, events or play in a loop in your office lobby to grab the audience’s attention (while they wait). Script, design, translation, storyboard, production, V/O in any language, subtitles. Order Now


Virtual lecture or training for sales, HR, training or marketing. Includes script, presentation, HD video, subtitles, Q&A. Tick Icon Order Now

Social Media Optimization

Stream of fresh blog and social content with daily tweets, news, updates, optimized for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Content creation,  curation, scheduling, translation & tracking. Order Now

Flyers, Brochures, Guides

Marketing collateral Content, design & translation Order Now

Kits (Press, Sales, Customer & Partner)

The branded kit will consist of a folder with card holder, slots for the brochures, flyers, USB  and case study. Content, design, and translation. Order Now

RFP (Proposals, tenders, bids)

Ready to use, pre-defined templates with all key content to create, structure proposals to speed up sales. Tick Icon Order Now

Articles (Thought Leadership):

Ghost writing guest columns on behalf of the client for blogs, newspapers and magazines. Tick Icon Order Now
Direct Mailer

Direct Mailers

For print and email – precise and persuasive. Tick Icon Order Now

Executive Speeches

For events, conferences and meetings. Tick Icon Order Now

Research Reports

To create, design, translate content backed by primary and secondary research with expert validation. Tick Icon Order Now

Multi-lingual SEO

Audit, optimizing (onpage & offpage) with meta-tags, keywords, backlinks, and increasing visibility. Any language. Tick Icon Order Now

(Product, Technical, Sales, HR)

Improve, standardize, design, translate existing or create new manuals. Tick Icon Order Now
Content Monitoring

Social & Media Content Monitoring:

Get the pulse and align your marketing with 12 months of monitoring (print, web, social) from our database of 5 million news sources, across 75 languages from 100 countries with real-time keyword, brand, competitor tracking, coverage and trends.

-The content can be circulated via website, blog, social media, newsletters for SEO.

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